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Register and login with your work or social accounts

We have just enabled a new way for users to register and login to the Cyber Training Centre

Some of our clients asked if they could login to our site using their Microsoft Work (or School) O365 credentials.  We thought that was a great idea so we decided to make it possible. 

Apart from meaning you have one less webiste to manage credentials for, there is also the key benefit of making use of all the account securtity which your IT team have implemented to keep your account secure. For example, if like most organisations your Microsoft account is protected by Multi Factor Authentication, then using it to log into our website means that you can rely upon your own company security policies which protect your account, and therefore protect your login to our website. If you choose this method we will not need to store or manage any passwords unless you choose to unlink your Microsoft work account.

If you are buying and managing courses for groups of emloyees then we recommend this method. All the employees you enroll in courses should do likewise.

We are also extending this to other external accounts. We have also made it possible to register and login using LinkedIn. Again if your account is proitected by Multi Factor Authentication then you can rely on the security provided by LinkedIn. This may be the next best option for indivudual business users who want to onloy purchase courses for themeselves, or when trying out the courses.

Restering and logging in with and external account is straight forward

The process is straight forward and you can start to use the new feature right now. Even if you have already registered and are an existing user with access to courses. You just need to make sure your email addresses match. For more information read our detailed notes before you begin. Then on the Login form you will see the option to login with Microsoft or LinkedIn. Just click the button for the login method you wish to use.

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