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Registration and Login


Anyone can create an account on the Cyber Training Centre, and it is free to register an account. There are a couple of different ways to register, one is using an email and password of your choice and the other is by using an existing account with another provider, like Microsoft. We describe both methods here, with details of the differences and restrictions related to each. If you experience any difficulty when trying to log in or register an account please contact us.

Can I use a free personal email address to register?

We don’t allow a user to register a new account using free email accounts which are typically provided by services like,, Gmail and many others. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Although we can make exceptions, we generally provide courses for registered businesses, which are aimed at employees and managers, and not consumers or private individuals.
  2. We need to protect our website and your data from malicious users, and by limiting registration to identifiable business users we can reduce risk.
  3. Free email accounts are typically used to register multiple fake accounts which can impact our website and service

Can I register if my business is small and does not yet have a registered business domain or email?

Yes you can if you contact us first, and we are able to confirm your business details. We will be happy to assist you getting set up

Can I register an account if I am an individual professional or business user and don’t want to use my business email account?

Yes you can. You have two options. You can contact us first, or you can register using another approved service provider account such as LinkedIn, which is shown on the login page.

Why register and what do I get for free

By registering an account you will have access to some material that is not otherwise publicly available. Once you have an account you will also be able to enroll in and access free courses that we publish, as well as purchase paid for courses. We also keep registered users up to date with developments and provide early access to new materials as soon as they are available. You do not need to register an account to subscribe to any of our mailing lists, but if you want receive course specific updates sooner then it is best to register as a user.

Register and Log in with a Microsoft Account

We have integrated account registration and login with Microsoft 365 work and school accounts. This means that if you have a Microsoft work or school account then you can select the option on the login page and enter your details. Using this method means that you don’t need to enter any credentials to register or login. The only information we store is your name and email address and the fact that you are using a Microsoft account.

An advantage with this method is that all the security built around your Microsoft account is managed by you and Microsoft. For example, your account will be protected by Multi-Factor Authentication once it is configured with Microsoft. There are a few different scenarios to consider:

When should you definitely use my Microsoft work or school account to register an account?

If you have a Work or school account then you should always use this method. This is particularly important if you plan to purchase courses for groups of employees in the same business as it can help avoid problems enrolling employees into the courses you may purchase for them. We also recommend that you use your Microsoft work or school account because this provides improved security according to your company policies.

What if you already have an existing email based account with us?

If you have already registered an account on our website, and the email you used to register is actually the same as the Microsoft Work account then you can still login with your Microsoft account and we will recongise it as the same account. You will see all the same content after you login.

If you try to login with a microsoft work or school account and we dont recognise the email, then a new account will be created. This does not affect the original account but it means you may end up with two accounts. If you need help with this then please contact us.

What if you have never registered an account with us?

If you have not yet registered an account then by selecting to login with your Microsoft account, the log in process will automatically register a new account for you and link it to your Microsoft account. We will automatically send you an email to the Microsoft account email with a link to confirm the registration. After you click the confirmation link your account registration will complete and you can login thereafter using your Microsoft Account

What if I unlink my Microsoft account – how can I access my Training Centre account?

If you unlink your Microsoft account, this does not delete your account on the Training System, but if you plan to continue to use the Training System then we recommend you do not unlink your Microsoft account. Your account will still exist and will retain the email address associated with your Microsoft account even if you unlink your Microsoft account.

To regain access to your Training Centre account, you will either need to log in again using your Microsoft account. Providing you still have access to your Microsoft Work email account you could alternatively create a manual password for your account by selecting the “forgot your password” link. This will send an email to the address we have on record for your account which will be the email associated with your original Microsoft account. You will then be able to set a password and use email and password credentials to log in normally.

If you no longer have access to your work email account then you will no longer be able to access your Training Centre Account.