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Group Management Workflow

The recommended approach for Engaging Employees

Engaging employees in any training should be part of a planned training program and workflow that considers the target groups, training requirements, training records and training feedback. We have a separate article for buying courses for groups of employees which includes additional recommendations. 

You may already have a well-established training program, but if not then please read on. There are a few important elements of the training program when enrolling employees on courses on The Cyber Training Centre. 

  1. Since The Cyber Training System is hosted by us on the web and the system will send emails to users, it is important to help ensure email deliverability. Ask the IT team to whitelist our domain, to help ensure email gets through to users. Emails will be sent from either or
  2. Identify the target groups of employees that will ultimately be enrolled in the course(s)
  3. Send an introductory email to them describing that a training website is being made available to them to use and that they will be enrolled in various courses. the training that is due to be provided, explaining the following details (see our template emails which you can use as a quick start):
    • That the training is being provided by The Cyber Training Centre, and to watch out for further emails
    • That the training is important to help comply with the law concerning Data Protection and best practices for Cyber Security so that the business can meet its objectives and protect its own business and client confidential data.  
    • Details of the initial emails they will receive and what they need to do to get started. There is more information about the workflow and emails in the diagram below.
    • That the courses should be completed as soon as possible
    • Details of how then can seek help and ask questions
    • That users should provide feedback on the course through the website.
  4. Periodically review the progress of each group and send reminder emails when required
  5. Periodically review results of the course assessments to identify users that may need further training (perhaps due to an unusually low score)
  6. Engage with us to help improve the courses 

Sample Employee introduction email

Subject: Data protection and Cyber Security Training


Dear colleagues,

We have arranged for online training to be provided to all employees, using The Cyber Training Centre. The training courses do not take long and can be completed at your own pace, module by module, and can be completed on mobile devices as well as regular PC’s.

It is important to complete the training so that we can protect our own confidential information and all client confidential information that you may have access to. It is also very important that we comply with data protection law and follow industry best practices, which require training to be periodically given. This means that you will be required to complete courses, typically every 12 months. You may, however, be enrolled on different courses at different times.

Some employees may be enrolled in multiple groups or multiple courses, in which case you can work your way through each in your own time.

You will soon be enrolled in one or more courses, at which time you will receive an automated email from the system. The emails you receive will be dependent on if you have previously enrolled. Read the instructions in any email carefully. For first time users, your account will be created automatically and you may need to click on a link to create/reset a password for your account, after which you can log in normally and access your courses. 

You must complete the training as soon as you can. When you complete the training you should download the certificate as a training record of achievement. 


Thanks you


<end of email>


General Workflow