UK Employee Cyber Security and Data Protection / GDPR Awareness Training

The cyber training centre is a complete employee learning management platform and solution for business.  Our self-paced courses provide businesses with the ability to quickly and easily plan, deliver and track employee cyber security and data protection awareness training. Register for access to documentation, guides and tutorials and more information. Registration is free and there is no obligation to purchase anything and no credit card is required

Employee Cyber Training for Regulatory / legal Compliance

Easily meet basic regulatory requirements by ensuring all employee awareness and basic training is completed for data protection and privacy to meet GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act

Employee Cyber training for Certification Compliance

Easily fulfil certification training requirements for standards like Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 through regular, auditable employee training.

Information Security Best Practices and Role Specific Training

Demonstrate best practices by ensuring basic awareness training is extended to cover role specific training. Deliver auditable and targeted training for Executives, managers, IT, HR, customer facing and back office employees.

Self assessments and implementation guides

After completing awareness courses we provide follow up resources including practical guides and gap analysis assessments for managers and executives to follow up with next steps.

The essential choice for critical employee awareness training

With role-specific rich content that is low cost and both quick and easy to manage our aim is to make great cyber training content accessible and relevant to businesses of all sizes

High Value Content

Low effort all round

Low cost

Delivering compliance

Training content created by experts

Our focus is on providing rich, practical content for role-specific awareness training that organisations and employees can make everyday use of.

BSI Certified Implementors

Our course content is created by instructors who are BSI Certified In the implementation of Information Security Management Systems to ISO 27001

BSI Certified Auditors

Our course content is created by instructors who are BSI Certified In auditing Information Security Management Systems to ISO 27001

International Experience

Our course content is created by instructors who have a minimum of 10 to 20 years of practical operational business experience including implementing and managing information security in business with complex operations and internet facing technologies

Legal and Standards alignment

Our course content is aligned with ISO 27001 series of standards and other frameworks including Cyber Essentials and the UK National Cyber Security Centre best practice guidance. We align data protection courses with the DP Act 2018 and guidance from the ICO

Self paced and accessible anywhere

No application or software installation required. Just a browser and an internet connection

Multi-device support

training devices

Training systems should be easy to set up and use

Our solution is low effort for managers and low effort for employees

Low effort simple workflow

Cyber Training Centre workflow

The Data Protection and Information Security training challenge​

It can be complicated, difficult and expensive to design, develop and host a learning management platform. There are overheads on course development and administration and then managing employee training plans.

Purchasing online cyber training can also be expensive in terms of cost and effort to administer. For data protection and information security awareness, there are further specific challenges.

Standards Compliance

Companies need to comply with best practices and standards required by law. If certification to ISO standards is also needed then these usually require defined training programs and evidence of employee training. Our training solution and records provide the required evidence for compliance.

In house expertise

Often companies lack in house expertise to curate and manage specialist training. Our course content is created and supported by experienced practitioners. 

The moving target

The best practices for legal compliance and ISO standards, in general, are regularly reviewed and updated. Keeping pace with them and ensuring training courses are maintained is important. We take care of that for you.

Governance and leadership

Improving executive and leadership awareness is critical in implementing good governance and leading by example. Demonstrating commitment is a mandatory part of legal compliance and standards certification. Our tailored role-specific courses help deliver training in context. 

Executives, managers and employees need different courses - don't they?

Role Specific

Executives and senior managers are responsible for governance, departmental managers are responsible for different assets and employees perform different tasks. So it makes sense that training courses should be relevant – right?

Cyber Training Centre role specific training

Poor data protection and information security is bad for business

Make sure you train your employees - regularly