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Self Assessment and Implementation Guides

To complement our Cyber Training Awareness courses we have developed additional resources to support those accountable executives and senior managers take the all important next steps. For example, once you are more generlly aware of concepts and practices - then our resources can help you better assess what gaps may exist and how to practically go about filling those gaps.

Are you asking yourself any of the following?

  • Do you really know how good your Information Security and Data Protection risk management and solutions are?
  • Are they relevant and proportionate to the business risk?
  • Do you know which security framework or certification scheme is necessary or most appropriate?
  • Do you know how to implement a solution?
  • What standard of information security should we be adopting to derive the greatest business benefit?
  • Is information security and data protection certification a mandatory requirement
  • Why should we bother with certification in cases when it is not mandatory?
  • Could we establish systems that are in compliance with a standard such as ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials but choose not to go down the certification route?
  • What are the key drivers for information security and data protection?

Our courses, self assessments and implementation guide resources can help answer these questions. If you have taken one of our courses designed for the accountable manager/executive then our tools and resources can help a non-specialist professional gain greater awareness and insight into what can otherwise be a complex subject. Importantly, using these tools can help minimise the effort and costs of engaging a professional, because the tools help you get a head start and answer many of the questions a professional needs to ask in the first place. Why not improve your knowledge and help keep costs down!

Awareness Training for Accountable Executives and Senior Managers

Our courses for the manager / executive who is accountable for Information Security or data protection provide a lot of introductory detail which, for those new to the field are generally a pre requisite before engaging with a cyber professional.

Self assessments and Implementation Resources for Accountable Executives and Senior Managers

You might have completed training but if you then have to make decisions or develop a plan then it is likely that you really need some further practical guidance. The good news we have a solution. You can access our self assessments and practical guides. If you need to speak with a professional we can help with that too.

Self Assessments

Our self-assessments are questionnaire-based, which you complete at your own pace. We also use these tools as part of our client services and auditing, but we also make them available to clients, or registered users on request or users that have completed one of our accountable executive courses.

Risk Posture Assessment

In order to determine the extent to which you should commit resources to your information security, data protection and information governance efforts, then you first need to understand your risk profile. This assessments helps identify the posture of the organisation and potential risk exposure level

Board Engagement Assessment

A company board is ultimately responsible for information security and data protection, including setting aside budget and assigning resources. This assessment helps establish the degree of engagement that currently exists, to highlight gaps to best practices.

Governance Assessment

Best practices and recognised cyber standards define requirements relating to information security governance. This assessment checks the degree of governance your are currently implementing.

Best Practices Assessment

Best practice guide are are often centered around common cyber risks and widely considered as basic minimum controls to defend against threats. This assessment checks if you follow these basics.

Implementation Guides and resources

Our resources include courses to help with the practical aspects of implementation and also document templates. To save you the time and effort consumed by research, we also compile links to external resources that are more widely available in the public domain.

Managing Risk

This implementation guide is an introductory course on Risk Management in the context of information security and privacy management.

Implementing a managment system

This implementation guide is an introductory course on the implementation of an Information Security Management System. An ISMS is necessary for compliance with standards based certification to demonstrate good governance but can also be applied at a basic best practices level.

Managing Supply chain Risk

This implementation guide is an introductory course detailing key considerations and a practical approach to managing the digital and information processing supply chain.

Managing Digital Strategy and Technology

This implementation guide is an introductory course on the practical considerations and key elements of developing and implementing strategy.

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