Course Products Explained

Courses and periodic assessment

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Individual courses

Each course product is made up of a series of modules, which may include links to external resources, or material to download. The module contains the core training material for a given topic and typically these are video courses, narrated by an instructor. Users complete each module in turn and the final component of each course is an assessment. The user completes the assessment in order to obtain a certificate of course completion.

Group courses

When a user purchases one or more courses and selects the option to purchase for a group, they specify how many users they wish to purchase the course(s) for. The person who made the group purchase automatically becomes the "Group Leader" and they can then invite others to the group. Once invited all users in the group have access to all the courses in the group.

Packaged courses (Course bundles)

Some individual courses may be bundled, or packaged together, to enable a user to purchase a mix of courses at a discounted price. These can be purchased by one user for their own purposes or could be purchased in volume as part of a group.


Whilst each course will include an assessment for the user to complete to entitle them to a course completion certificate, there are also standalone assessments which are aligned to a given course content but can be taken independently, and without the prerequisite requirement of taking the course. These assessments include more questions, have a time limit and as a consequence are more difficult to achieve. A separate certificate is awarded if the assessment is passed. Only one attempt at the assessment is possible.