Buying Courses - options explained

Standard User License

Purchasing a User License is required to get access to a course. This applies to all products including individual courses, course bundles and group volume courses. A User License normally lasts for 12 months and allows access to the course content for the period of the License. Check for details on each course product..

Course bundles

Course bundles are simply multiple different courses bundled together and are a more cost effective way to purchase courses, since a discount is applied. A bundle is purchased through a User License just like any individual course, but the license applies access to however many courses are in the bundle.

Group courses

This is the recommended method for companies to purchase multiple User Licenses. A group purchase allows an individual person (a "Group Leader") to purchase individual or bundled courses for many users at once and then enrol the users in bulk to the courses.

Unlimited for groups

When purchasing courses for groups of users, then normally once a user has been invited to the group, they can be removed from the group but it is not possible to reallocate their group access to another user. With Unlimited for groups, once you purchase the User Licenses in bulk and then you can invite and remove users from the group without restriction.


There is an option to purchase a one time access User License to a standalone assessment. Standalone assessments do not include any course material. Why? Assessments are a cheaper alternative if, for example, you want to assess the knowledge of an individual without requiring them to complete training.

Special Discounts for Charities

We offer volume discount and special rates for charity and not for profit organisations .

Enterprise Licenses

For larger organisations, we have options that provide additional features and requirements typically required by enterprises. These include options such as unrestricted group enrollments, white-labelling, domain restrictions.

Multiple ways to purchase and save

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