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Frequently asked questions – General reference

Is it free to register an account?

Yes, it is free to register an account on this website. There is no obligation or requirement to purchase a course. You don’t need to enter any credit card details until you decide to proceed with purchasing courses.

Do you have a telephone or chat support?

We do not have a telephone or chat support to help reduce costs, which keeps the price of our courses low.

Can I copy the course material and extend it for our own purposes?

No, the course material is the Copyright of Yasecio Ltd. You must not download, copy or reproduce in any format, or derive new training material using the content. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Is it possible to customise courses?

Yes, we do have some options to customise courses. Please raise a support request indicating the kind of customisation you are looking for.

How long do I have to access courses?

If you purchase a course then your access will be immediate and will expire, normally after 12 months. There are some additional considerations:

  • Some course may expire sooner depending on the course. This may be the case when best practices indicate courses should be repeated with higher frequency. 
  • Some courses will have a fixed expiry date
  • If you are enrolled in a course through a group (which is normally by invitation from a group leader), then course access will expire according to when the course was purchased by the group leader and may not relate to when you were first enrolled on the course.  The same rules above may also apply.

What happens when course access expires?

When course access expires, you will no longer have access to the course materials. Normally when course access expires any course-related progress data and certificates that you acquired will be automatically deleted from the system. You should make sure you retain records of courses completed and download certificates as soon as you complete the course. Data for other courses that have not expired will remain.

Does my User License include course updates?

Yes. Courses are periodically updated to keep them in line with standards and best practices. When we update existing courses, if a user is already enrolled in a course, they will be able to access the existing and new content provided their course access has not expired. If the updates include new modules, then the user will be able to see the new module and the fact that it has not yet completed. 

Do new purchases include the latest versions of the courses?

Yes. When purchasing a course it will always be the latest version

If a course is updated, do I have to complete the entire course again to get the certificate?

No. The user can access the new material, but since the course was previously completed the certificate was issued already.

How can I provide feedback on a course?

Registered users can provide feedback directly to us only after completing a course. To provide feedback, navigate to the course home page from the main menu “Account” then “My Courses” and then clicking on the required course. On the course home page, you will see a button to “provide your feedback”.

Your feedback will be private and will be sent to the course author. If you wish to write a review and rate the course for others to see then there is another option to provide a rating and review.

How can I provide a rating and review on a course that other users can see?

Registered users can provide course ratings and review only after completing a course. To provide a course review, navigate to the course home page from the main menu “Account” then “My Courses” and then clicking on the required course. On the course home page, scroll down and below the course content section, you will see a button to “write a review”.

Your review will be visible to other users and site visitors but will be subject to moderation review by the website owners. If you wish to provide feedback directly to the course author you can also do that by providing feedback.

Do you store credit card information on this website?

No, we don’t store credit card information on this website. When you purchase courses using a credit card, we use a secure payment gateway and the information is stored and processed on their systems. If you chose the option to save your credit card details for future use, then the details are stored by the secure payment gateway.

The secure payment gateway we use is a widely used service provider Stripe, who process all major credit cards. Their privacy policy can be found here 

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