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Planned updates for 2024

Updates coming..

We are planning a number of significant changes. These include pricing updates and some special offers to make sure small business don’t miss out on big discounts.

We will refresh all of our existing courses and assessments to keep them current and we are planning a new series of “Practical  Guides” which will provide students with practical insights that are beyond a level of general awareness in a given topic. For example our awareness courses may talk about the importance of risk amangement, but how much do you really know about it. Your company may already manage risk or you may be starting out and you need to know more to understand how best to apply it in the context of information security management. This is just one example and we are planning other types of practical and “how-to” short courses.

We are also looking at improving the way we sell groups of courses and improving the managment of different groups of employees (teams) within your organisation. We want to keep developing ways to make this as simple as possible for you to manage.

When will this happen?

There is a lot of work for us and our plans will take us through the whole of 2024. We hope to introduce new courses and / or features each quarter. If you subscribe to our news feed then you will get notified straight in your inbox. It is really important that you also tell us what you need so make sure you contact us with your suggestions and ideas.

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