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2024 Updates to our Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Terms and conditions January 2024

What are the changes?

As there are planned changes in UK law to subscription services and the rights of subscribers, we have changed some terms and definitions accordingly. Since we launched the site we have not introduced the type of recurring subscriptions on our courses that place a future libility on the customer to pay for continued access. We are changing our terminology to refect this and to distinguish our licenses from what may otherwise be called a subscription type service. We are replacing the terms that use the word  “subscription” with the word “license”.  If we decide at a later date to offer a subscription type service then then we will introduce new terms and conditions relating to such services at the time.

We have also clarified and added some new definitions to try and make things clearer and easier to understand. We have updated details of our operating business hours and details of when we plan to perform planned maintenance, during which the Service may be unavailable. We have added “email” as a means to deliver notices.

We have clarified details of commencement and termination of the user agreement, reflecting the practice of accepting the terms and conditions both on first registration and also on every purchase. We have modified the reference to both EU and UK Data Pretection Legislation to be more flexible in relation to legilsation changes, some of which are planned for 2024. We  have added further details about how to access customer support, and made some minor changes to modify and clarify terms concerning payments and liabilities.

How does this affect you?

The new Terms and conditions take immediate effect and apply to all existing and new users. Registered users who previously purchased access to courses still have the same rights to access the same course materials as they did, and for the same period that was granted at the time of purchase. Please refer to the terms and conditions for full details.