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UK Third sector discounts

We have introduced special pricing for the third sector

Those third sector organisations that can’t benefit from in house expertise or specialist knowledge, or as is most often the case have a very limited budget which needs to be prioritised could be inclined to make spending on information security and data protection a lower priority. This should not happen but often can. It may be due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about regulatory requirements or the fear that the complexity of the subject equates to spending a lot of hard to come by cash, which could be better spent elsewhere.

In our opinion and our own real commercial world experience, we think cybersecurity is a business-critical requirement and therefore staff awareness training should be a high priority for all organisations. But training does not have to be over complicated and does not have to cost a lot of money. It is important to take the first step and get both executives and employees trained to a basic level of awareness.

To help 3rd sector organisations in particular we offer generous discounts on already low cost awareness courses. We will provide up to 25% flat discount on all courses, which means individual employees can receive essential and affordable awareness training. 

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