The Cyber Training Centre

Training Course Product Roadmap 2021

Our aim for our 2021 course product roadmap remains to develop our Data protection / GDPR and Information security employee awareness training courses with a role specific focus. It is important to us to deliberately focus and specialise on these two subjects areas so that we can deliver high quality content courses which we will keep relevant and up to date with legislation, standards and best practices.

Executive training – new courses coming

Having launched the Cyber Training Centre in early 2021, with some basic employee awareness, we will continue to extend the role-specific versions. These start with adding to the Executive Director and business owner awareness courses, with the inclusion of Information Security Awareness for Executives. While executives may benefit from the general employee awareness courses, they have different perspectives and informational requirements including a higher level strategic understanding. We plan to deliver that in early Q2 2021.

General Employee Training – new courses coming

We are planning to provide an option of the Information Security Awareness Course for employees available as a continuous engagement course. You may have heard of this before as a “drip-feed” type course. It is the same content but rather than complete the course all in one go, the course is spread out over the year. For example, a course with 10 modules may be spread out over 6 – 12 months, with different modules being taken at different times. Modules may be taken quarterly for example.

Why would you do this? Well the main potential benefit is that is provides a basis for more frequent and regular employee engagement which can improve learning and knowledge retention.

Role Specific Employee awareness training

Building on the Executive awareness courses, we are aiming to develop further courses that are more relevant for departments, such as HR, Sales and Marketing, IT etc. We recognise through our own experience that different departments process different data for different reasons. Departments have different information assets, processing activities and so have different risks to consider.

General course updates

Throughout the year we anticipate that some best practices and advisories may need to be updated in line with general industry recommendations and current threat analysis. This is understandable in a world where new technology and new vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. We will update our course material accordingly wherever the need arises. In such cases, we will release course specific update publications

Product purchasing options

As well as extending the courses we also want to make more purchasing options available to suit different needs and to help minimise the investment required for different types of organisations. We will for example create different bundling options so that buyers can benefit from both volume and bundle discounts. We will always be happy to discuss custom requirements, so be sure to contact us if you would like to enquire about pricing.