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Risk Posture – Self assessment for Senior Managers RP-01-0124


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Course Description

This self assessment tool is part of our Auditing toolset and is more of a course resource for senior managers and executives, normally those who have already taken one or more of our executive awareness courses. It is intended to provide the following main benefits:

  1. For the non cyber security expert/professional, it helps senior managers consider the potential complexities of the cyber related operations within their organisation and the context of all internal and external stakeholders in the supply chain.
  2. It helps senior managers consider the different high level areas of potential impact which might result from a cyber incident, which can support areas of focus and priority.
  3. Completing the assessment can provide a good starting point of information to engage a cyber security professional when trying to develop a strategy and decide upon an appropriate framework, budget and timeline to implement a management system.
  4. It may provide insight into the nature of more the detailed audits associated with cyber frameworks.

As we have already covered in our executive courses, senior manager and Executives working in UK commercial and third sector companies of any size need to be aware of and consider the general context and potential impact to their organisation relating to information securit

Who is the course for?

This assessment tool is best used in organisations that are trying to assess priorities and a direction in which to develop a strategy to improve information and cyber security. Such organisations typically may not yet have engaged a cyber security professional for support.

Equally, a cyber security professional may invite a senior manager to complete the self assessment as part of an initial engagement. This will better inform the professional of the high level nature and risk posture of an organisation which can then promote a more focussed and prioritised discussion.

This assessment tool is not intended for the public sector or government organisations where special rules apply. Similarly, please note that this is not a technical training course.

What training pre requisites are there for taking the course?

There are no training prerequisites, but if you complete a qualifying course then you will have free access for 30 days. 

What level of knowledge is required?

No specific specialist information security knowledge is required. It is assumed that senior managers and executives completing the assessment have a good knowledge of their business objectives and operations.

What knowledge will be gained after taking the course

This particular self assessment resource is not intended to provide sufficient detail to be able to determine an appropriate strategy nor to be ableimplement an information security management system. It may help provide useful:

  • Assessment of the organisational complexity in terms of cyber related operations
  • Assessment of the extent of potential impact related to cyber related incidents
  • Guidance on a direction for appropriate selection of a framework to adopt in consultation with an expert



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