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Data Protection Awareness for Employees DP01-0324


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Employees working in UK commercial and third sector companies of any size need to be aware of the legal requirements for Data Protection and Privacy. They also need to be aware of the context of their role and the roles of others in complying with the Law. A good grounding in the principles and expectations that any company would have of its employee’s behaviour is critically important as this will benefit the company and its customers.

The regulatory requirements include regular training of employees and whilst this course achieves that, there is added value content, intended to enhance the students’ knowledge intentionally to positively contribute to improved company performance.

Who is the course for?

The course can be taken by any employee, particularly information workers and those who access or process personal information.

This particular course is not intended for senior managers responsible for implementing privacy/data protection management systems or role-specific process owners or system administrators. There are separate role-specific courses intended for such roles. Check out our role-specific course here….

This course is not intended for the public sector or government organisations where special rules apply.

What training prerequisites are there for taking the course?

There are no training prerequisites. A video introduction to using the training website may be an advantage so the student understands how best to get the best experience.

What level of knowledge is required?

No specific specialist knowledge is required. It is assumed that all employees have undertaken a company induction as it would be advantageous for the student to be aware of the location of and have access to company specific policies, processes and procedures.

What knowledge will be gained after taking the course

  • Awareness and a general understanding of the principles of Privacy and Data Protection, including general terms and concepts
  • Awareness of the UK / EU legal requirements and context to other jurisdictions
  • Awareness of information security relating to Privacy and Data Protection
  • Awareness of general employee responsibilities in handling and processing data
  • Awareness of data subject rights and requests
  • Awareness of general risk management, incident management and record keeping requirements
  • Awareness of requirements for secure storage, mobile/home working and removable media
  • Awareness of requirements relating to information access control, sharing information and transfer of information (e.g. external and 3rd parties)
  • Awareness of higher risk processing activities including the use of Artificial intelligence, profiling and automated decision making
  • Awareness of processing special category and sensitive data including processing data for Children and Criminal records
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