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FAQ Planned Maintenance and updates

Planned Maintenance and Updates

When do you perform maintenance when I can’t access the system?

We regularly maintain our website for correct functionality and for security. Typically maintenance and updates are performed during non-business hours, and where possible this is done during the weekend. Such maintenance typically means that the training system is unavailable for a period of one hour.

Is there any unscheduled maintenance when I can’t access the system?

In cases where unscheduled maintenance becomes necessary, for example, to apply urgent security patches, or to correct a fault, we may also perform such updates on any weekday but we will aim to complete these out of normal office hours with the least impact to users.

Do you notify us when there is maintenance due?

We will normally not notify users by email about maintenance unless there is a requirement to perform maintenance during office hours. Users will see a notice on the login page detailing maintenance activities that are due.

When do you update courses?

We periodically review and update course content to keep time in line with current best practices. Typically this may occur once every 12 months but may be more frequent if corrections are necessary. We provide notice of updates on our news page, but we also try to notify all users registered on courses by email, detailing changes, and updates to courses. We welcome feedback and reviews on our courses to help improve them and you can provide feedback within the course after completing each course. There are instructions in each course on how to do this.

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