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FAQ Employees / Group Members

Employee and Group members

How can I get help?

In the first instance, if you have general questions about the training courses, speak to your group leader who may be your own training manager, supervisor, or another senior manager that is responsible for selecting and enrolling you in our course(s).

If you have general questions about using the website and accessing the courses, please first check out our documentation where you can search for the topic you are interested in. The documentation also includes a general FAQ and some “how-to videos” and may quickly answer your questions.

You can also raise a support ticket but be aware this may not be answered quickly. If you are having technical problems with a course or the website then please raise a support ticket using our contact form here….

How do I create an account to log in and access a course?

One of the things we try to do is make it easy for businesses to provide training for employees. A single person responsible for training registers first and then purchases one or more courses for a “group” of employees. That person becomes the “group leader”.

The group leader then uploads a simple list of employees and adds them to the group they just created. All the employees in the group will get access to all the courses in the group.

Once an employee is added to the group, then one of two things might happen which depends on if they already have an account or not.

  • If the user added to the group already has an account on the system, they will simply receive an automated email from the Cyber Training Centre stating that they have been enrolled in a course. From that point, they can simply follow the link, login, and access the course.

  • If the user added to the group does not already have an account on the system, they will have an account automatically created for them, but they will need to activate it to complete the registration process. They will receive an email to this effect and will need to click on the link to reset their password. Once the password is reset, they can log in normally and will be able to access the course(s) immediately. The new user may receive multiple emails, including one with a link to the course in which they are enrolled.

Can I create an account before my company creates one for me?

Yes. But you must your company email account, the same one that a group leader would use if they were to add you to courses that they purchase. Personal email accounts are not permitted. Once you are a registered user you will also be able to purchase courses if you wish.

Are courses accessible to people with disabilities?

Our aim is to provide accessible courses, using a website that is accessible to people with disabilities. The module content is video based and the visual presentation is fully narrated with audio for example.

if you find difficulty accessing course material please contact us using the contact form, or speak with your group leader, so that we can work together to find the best solution.

We are also available to provide one to one / one to many in person or online training courses using the same material in the event that people with disabilities find the material difficult to access. Please contact us for pricing for in person classes.

Where can I find my data?

Information concerning user account and courses can be found from the main menu item “Account”. The subsequent drop down will provide menu options to access different information. For quick access to course data, you need to be logged in then, click here….

When viewing your course data you are able to see all the courses and information about progress, access and resume course material and also download the certificate for completed courses once you have completed the final assessment.

What devices can I complete the courses with?

Each course module consists of a video lesson which includes a visual presentation of material and narration by the instructor. The courses have been designed so that course content can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Each course also includes an assessment to test the student knowledge after taking the course. These can also be accessed on the same devices.

When can I access the training courses?

Once enrolled and provided you try and access a course with a valid User License (typcially valid for 12 months from the date the course is purchased) then you are able to access the training courses at any time of the day, except for during periods of regular scheduled/planned maintenance.

It is not possible to download the courses as that is prohibited but you can access the content anywhere including when on the move, so long as you have an internet connection. Please note that due to copyright and for protection of Intellectual Property, the training course material must not be copied / recorded or reproduced in any form, and in any circumstances.

Some courses include course materials. Where we provide materials to download then you are permitted to download such materials for for you own personal use, offline, but you must not reproduce or distribute the material. Course materials can also include references and links to external sources of information which are freely available on the internet, and provided by third parties. The copyright and terms of use of such 3rd party material is defined by the supplier, who may at any time withdraw access. Our aim is to maintain links to useful freely available resources to generally help students improve their knowledge and general awareness of additional resources.

What are assessments and who can see the results?

Most courses include an assessment at the end, which is intened to test student knowledge. In order to complete a course and obtain a certificate, the student must achieve a pass mark for the assessment. Once achieved then the course certificate can be downloaded. A group leader is able to see who in the group has completed what percentage of the course, the course assessment result, and the certificate for each member of the group. For more details about course assessments click the link below.

Can I retake the course and assessments if I don’t get a high enough score?

Generally, each module in a course must be taken sequentially. Once you have accessed and completed each module of a course you can access that same module as many times as you like whilst the User License is valid.

An assessment may be retaken a limited number of times. This varies from course to course and assessment type but for general courses up to three attempts are possible.

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