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IS01-24-01 Information Security Awareness for employees

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Course Description

Employees working in the UK commercial and third sector companies of any size need to be aware of the requirements for information security. They also need to be aware of the context of their role and the roles of others in complying with company policies and processes, and in some cases contributing to meeting the requirements of standards that the company may be certified against. A good understanding and awareness of information security set expectations that any company would expect of its employees in protecting its valuable assets. Information security is increasingly becoming critically important and good practices will ultimately benefit the company and its customers.

This course delivers awareness of key topics that are referenced in best practices guidance and standards such as Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 as well as reference to related laws.

Who is the course for?

The course can be taken by any employee, particularly information workers and those who access and use information systems.

This particular course is not intended for managers responsible for implementing information security management systems or process owners/system administrators. There are separate courses intended for such roles. This course is not intended for public sector or government organisations where special requirements may apply.

What training pre requisites are there for taking the course?

There are no training prerequisites. The training is best used when the organisation has established policies with regard to information security.

What level of knowledge is required?

No specific specialist knowledge is required. It is assumed that all employees have undertaken a company induction as it would be advantageous for the student to be aware of the location of and have access to company-specific policies, processes, and procedures.

What knowledge will be gained after taking the course

  • Awareness and understanding of Information security terms, concepts, and frameworks including a general understanding of the principles and objectives of information security.
  • Awareness of the Law
  • Awareness of core topics and best practices including:

Risk management, remote and home working, use of mobile devices, passwords, identity and access management, multi-factor authentication, social engineering, phishing and spear-phishing, malware, use of social media, physical security and access controls, cloud services, video conferencing, and collaboration, monitoring, incident management, and reporting requirements


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