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DP07 Data Protection functional leads Overview

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Course Description

Employees working in UK commercial and third sector companies of any size need to be aware of the legal requirements for Data Protection and Privacy. It is important for employees to be aware of the context of their role and the roles of others in complying with Privacy Law. Functional leads and heads of departments in particular need to be especially aware of the requirements detailed in legislation and also best practices for information governance related to data protection in their specific context.

An overview of role specific topics are included in this course to best align it to small organsiations that do not have formal departments and individuals in dedicated posts. More likely one or two managers in a small organisation are responsible for all operations and this course intends to provide an overview of the data protection topics related to these operations. Separate more comprehensive role specific courses are available for each of the role specific topics identified here. This course includes an overview and introduction of the following role specific content.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • IT Management
  • Developers and DEVOPS

This course provides awareness of the law, the principles of data protection and the critically important aspects of privacy management focussing on their roles in order to benefit the company, its employees and its customers. Regulatory requirements include regular training of employees and whilst this course achieves that, there is added value content, intended to enhance the students’ knowledge to positively contribute to improved company performance.

Who is the course for?

The course is for managers responsible for functions or departments (Such as Sales, Marketing HR), and particularly those responsible for the day to day processing activities and decisions relating to and the processing relating to personal information. The functional leaders are typically responsible for systems like customer databases or CRM systems, HR systems, Websites and director marketing activities, but could also include system administrators who are responsible for the systems and the security around them.

This course is not intended for public sector or government organisations where special rules apply.

What training pre requisites are there for taking the course?

There are no training pre requisites. The training is best used when the organisation has established basic policies with regard to data protection.

What level of knowledge is required?

Knowledge of the business activities relating to controlling and processing personal within their functional scope of responsibility would be advantageous in order to consider the training material in context with the organisation’s operations.

What knowledge will be gained after taking the course

  • Awareness and general understanding of the principles of Privacy and Data Protection
  • Awareness of the UK / EU legal requirements
  • Awareness of information security relating to Privacy and Data Protection
  • Awareness of general employee responsibilities
  • Awareness of leadership responsibilities
  • Awareness of role specific responsibilities
  • Awareness of data subject rights and requests
  • Awareness of incident management and record keeping requirements
  • Awareness of requirements for mobile / home working
  • Awareness of requirements relating to information access control, sharing information and transfer of information (eg external and 3rd parties)

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