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DAS-01 Periodic assessment – Data protection awareness for employees

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Assessment Description

This is a standalone assessment without course materials and incorporates an assessment to determine the current level of knowledge. Taking the assessment is a cheaper and quicker way to re-establish awareness and knowledge levels without requiring to take a complete course.

Employees working in UK commercial and third sector companies of any size need to be aware of the legal requirements for Data Protection and Privacy. It is important for employees to be aware of the context of their role and the roles of others in complying with Privacy Law. 

The regulatory requirements include regular training of employees and this assessment is a means to assess the knowledge of individuals that have previously completed training.

Who is the assessment for?

This is a standalone assessment (with no training content) and is intended for any employee who has either previously completed awareness training or has a good working knowledge of data protection requirements. It is more difficult to complete and pass this assessment than the assessment which is part of the awareness course and is potentially suited to individuals who routinely control or process personal data, and an assessment of their ongoing awareness would be beneficial.

This course / assessment is not intended for public sector or government organisations where special rules apply.

What training pre requisites are there for taking the assessment?

The assessment content is aligned to the course Data Protection Awareness for Employees DP01. The training is best used when the organisation has established policies with regard to data protection.

What level of knowledge is required?

No specific specialist knowledge is required. A working knowledge of the business activities relating to controlling and processing personal data would be advantageous..

Assessment format and criteria

  • The assessment can only be attempted once. It is recommended that on failing to achieve the pass score that the individual completes the training course DP01
  • The assessment will include approximately 30 questions which is a random subset of the total available questions
  • The assessment is time limited and must be completed within a set time of 15 minutes
  • A passing score of 80% is required to obtain the certificate

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