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We are continuing to develop a series of hybrid courses which are are intended to be resources for people that have taken our courses. Why hybrid? Well they are as much learning tools as training courses but they aim to provide non experts with the next level awareness of the more focussed subject matter, and structuring them in a course format helps the learner step through detail at their own pace. We like to think of these as advanced awareness  courses.

For example, if you have taken a course already you may be aware of the need for risk management, or the need to consider developing a strategy. These audit and guide resources can help explain topics in more detail. We include self assessments, which are a bit like an internal audit, and help get the user thinking about the specific topic detail and therefore able to challenge and ask questions of organisation leaders, functional experts and external experts.

They can also help prepare you for engaging with external experts, service providers and auditors. The good news is that some of these resources are availabe free of charge for a limited time after you complete one or more pre requisite courses. Each course detail page will specify the requirements for access, but generally you can also purchase them as standalone.


Cyber Training Centre information security course

RM01-0124 Assessing Risk Posture

This self assessment helps consider the risk posture of an organisation, related to Information systems.

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